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Should you use Cliche’s on your CV?

“Team Player”, “Results driven”, “Self Starter”, “Flexible”… CVs are often riddled with such vocabulary. Some say that including the obligatory range of jargon is a necessary evil: they are key skills that employers are looking for and are essential to know about in order to assess your fit. One thing is certain. You should not […]

Using Body Language to your advantage in a Job Interview

Job interviews are a body language minefield because of how novel and stressful the situation can feel to us. Understanding body language is an invaluable skill. Many reduce the ability down to respecting the importance of sitting up straight, and making eye contact, but there is plenty more to it than that. Whenever you have a […]

How to Write the Perfect CV

Your CV needs to be sensible, but it also needs to show what makes you unique. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but paramount to getting a job. Employers will spend no more than a few minutes glancing through your CV before they decide whether it is worth exploring in detail. Here’s how to send […]