About Us

It is said aptly that, “A job well begun is half done”. It all depends upon the good start if a right person is chosen to do it. In the current highly challenging and competitive environment it is the need of the hour to have a perfect fit for each task and responsibility. No one can afford delays, repeat works, rejections, it is all a dooms day for a business. We understand you are best in your business niche but we specialise in Talent Acquisition where and only where you need support. We unearth the best candidate, spotlight right person for the right job, which guarantees increased productivity,  higher efficiency, quality work and top-notch performance. We don’t fish for talent, we hunt for talent!

Bondburry Recruitment is a company with eons of proficiency in Recruitment Industry, we understand the huge need of competent managers & world class leaders across Indian Companies. We build success and ours is built upon the experience & vast expertise of our people. All our recruitment consultants are thorough professionals and marketers. We are not just a recruitment organisation flashing n number of CV’s but we are genuine industry expert. We understand the requirements & demands of different roles across diverse marketing disciplines and when we read a job profile we can quickly match technical specification with candidate’s profile. Our support is designed to assist you in endeavours to develop the full potential of your business via your employees personal and professional development, from recruitment to retirement

We provide services in Human Resource Recruitment. While focusing on providing unparalleled and quality services to our clients which include both organizations and an aspirant as well. Our wide network in India helps us to cater state wise needs of our clients. We offer sophisticated placement services for Permanent, Temporary & Contractual Staffing. We draw on our high- level professional networks, industry knowledge & internal research resources to identify the right people. To stay on cutting edge of talent strategy, we constantly track key trends in the global market for talent, & continually innovate our services and approach. Candidate search ensures a quality outcome by targeting and contacting very potential candidate, not just those seeking new roles, resulting in candidates of higher calibre. Our alternate hiring channels give us the unlimited ability to access almost every job-seeker in India, and our experienced team’s knowledge will deliver only the best candidates to the companies, even if you are a start-up, Small Medium Business or a large corporation, and wherever you are based within India.